Best Time of the Year to Visit the Bandhavgarh National Park

Colonel Jim Corbett once claimed, “The tiger is a large-hearted gentleman.” Almost everyone wants to see this magnificent ‘gentleman’ once in their lifetime in the open in all its glory. The bandhavgarh national park, with one of the largest population of tigers in the world, is the ultimate place to get up close with one of nature’s most beautiful creations. With its feature-rich hotels, easy safaris, and friendly folks, there are tons of reasons why it’s one of the best places to go on a wildlife exploration. If you have decided to visit Bandhavgarh, which is tucked away beautifully in the wilderness of Madhya Pradesh, India, when is the best time to visit?

The Bandhavgarh National Park

Located in the beautiful, lush-green forests of Umaria in Madhya Pradesh, the bandhavgarh national park india has been a preserved retreat since the 1960s. It is a heaven for nature lovers who want to get lost in the wilderness and love the thrill of spending their time around tigers.

Best Time to Visit

With all the facilities including Hotels In Bandhavgarh remaining open from October to June, the best time for you to visit the national park depends on how you intend to enjoy your visit. One of the best times of the year to visit the tiger resort is between October and January. This is when temperatures are cool, just less than 30 degrees, and the migratory birds are flock to the park because of the lush greenery. Thanks to the presence of more water sources, this is also the time when you are most likely to come across tigers.

If you visit other times of the year, tigers are mostly concentrated in the Tala zone. However, between October and January you are also highly likely to see the glorious creatures treading the Khitauli and Magdhi Zones. As water levels in the grasslands rise, it becomes easier for them to find prey here. This also means that you can see many other mammals and endless species of birds.

As an alternative, March-May is the dry season here. This is that time of the year when the bandhavgarh national park mostly has dry vegetation. Spotting tigers and other animals becomes easier because of the lesser vegetation.

Importance of Pre-Booking

Make sure you have pre-arranged your bookings including safaris and hotels at bandhavgarh because November-December draw a larger volume of tourists. The Sun Resort Bandhavgarh here is located at the heart of the national park, giving you the closest feel of living in this beautiful nature’ retreat. Imagine living in the middle of the forest with amenities like Wi-Fi, satellite TV, power backup, climate control, and comfortable lodgings.

How to Reach Bandhavgarh?

Typically, your hotel in bandhavgarh will help guide you about your travel arrangements. However, it will be best if you know well in advance how to reach the place.

By Air – Jabalpur is the nearest airport that’s well connected to New Delhi and Mumbai. You can also land in Umaria if you have a private charter.

By Train – Umaria and Katni are the nearest railway stations and are connected of all major stations in India.

By Road – You can also drive directly to Hotels In Bandhavgarh in your own vehicle. Tune in your smartphone’s GPS to 23°41′58″N 80°57′43″E.

So if you think it is time you set out to see the ‘large hearted gentleman’, you should plan your bandhavgarh visit well in advance.

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