Tiger Population Grows for the First Time in 116 Years

The global tiger population has seen a huge surge in the latest global census. And leading the pack is India, as it accounts for over 70% of the global tiger population now. The last time a global census was done more than 6 years ago, the tiger numbers had hit an all-time low. This is the first time since 1900, more than a century ago, that tiger numbers have shown an upward trend. There were a staggering 100,000 wild tigers at the time. Accounting for over 2,226 tigers, India with is tiger reserves like bandhavgarh national park boasted one of the highest growth rates.

Why Bandhavgarh?

During your visit to bandhavgarh national park india you will be accompanied by naturalists. They will help you unravel the mysteries and beauty of the national park while accompanying you on nature walks and safaris, elephant rides, and bird watches. The best Hotels In Bandhavgarh like Sun Resort Bandhavgarh offer immaculate services and comfort to ensure that you take back unforgettable memories.

Jeep Safaris

The Bandhavgarh tiger resort has something special to offer to every visitor. Its pristine greenery, wildlife diversity, and the magical presence of the tiger makes it an once-in-a-lifetime must visit. With the jeep safari facility available from certain hotels at bandhavgarh, you are able to catch wonderful glimpses of the majestic wildlife from an entirely unique perspective.

Along with jeep safaris, elephant safaris also give you the opportunity to get a closer and more natural look and feel of Bandhavgarh’s wildlife. The tiger is at the top of the food chain here and is part of the over three-dozen mammal species here. Besides, there are hundreds of species of birds and dozens of butterfly and reptile species.

Sun Resort Bandhavgarh

Sun Resort is one of the leading Hotels In Bandhavgarh offering all the amenities and facilities to help you get much more out of your stay. Besides making arrangements for all your activities in the national park, this resort provides something of an “oasis in the desert.” You can choose from a multitude of accommodations based on your preferences:

• AC Rooms – Spacious and featuring all modern amenities.
• AC Dormitory Rooms – Perfect, spacious accommodation for group-based explorers who are on a budget.
• Non-AC Rooms – Featuring elegant furnishing and modern amenities, these rooms are for those who are on a budget.
• Non-AC Dormitory Rooms – If you are in a group and don’t want AC rooms, this can be the perfect choice for you.

Bandhavgarh Zones

There are a total of 4 major zones in the bandhavgarh national park india. All of them offer something special and are worth visiting. Tala has the richest biodiversity to offer, and this is where you would want to go to see tigers. Magdhi, Panpatta, and Khitauli are the other three zones. All these 4 zones are the heart of the tiger reserve, covering a total of almost 700 square kilometers. There is additional buffer zone of over 400 square kilometers that covers the forest areas of Katni and Umaria.

So if you are planning to go on a memorable journey to see one of the most beautiful creatures nature has to offer, there’s hardly any other destination that beats bandhavgarh national park.

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